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DAN GUENTHER, MORRISON, CO, USA: Dear Uwe, Thank you for your excellent research and comprehensive report. We are very happy and excited about what you found and documented so beautifully. Please feel free to use me as a reference. GREGORY S. KILLIAN, IRVINE, CA, USA: Dear Uwe! I have received your report and just now had a chance to begin to review... It is so amazing!  What a great job you did! Your work far exceeds my expectations and I am thrilled! CHARLES H. WAHL, EDWARDS, CO, USA: Uwe, Thank you very much for all of your time and effort spent on producing such a high quality and remarkable research report.  We were delighted when we received the book, and are very grateful for your professionalism and your passion to help us with our endeavor to find the Wahl relatives in Germany, past and present.  We are also very appreciative of your extraordinary efforts and diligence in locating our relatives, and helping us to meet them while we are in Germany.  We are very excited, and very much look forward to meeting you and our family in Germany.  We could not have done this without you, and appreciate your personal commitment which went above and beyond our expectations.  You are a true professional. CLIFFORD BRAHMSTADT, WYOMISSING, PA, USA: Thank you for the magnificent job that you completed in tracing the Vagt- Brahmstadt lines of Clifford’s ancestors.  It has taken us several days to “digest” all the information that you have compiled for us.  We are grateful for the detailed report and great job you have offered as a “history detective!” MARY ELLEN EILER, EUGENE, OR, USA: UPS delivered the eagerly awaited Eiler report early this afternoon, and I’ve spent the last few hours speed-reading through it. I must say that you’ve produced a very professional report that is way beyond my expectations! [...] I’ve just done a quick “read-through,” so I will still be spending many hours absorbing your report. In the meantime, please know that I think you did an absolutely first-rate job. I’m extremely grateful and am now even more eagerly awaiting the Schneider report. Thank you so much. GORDON POWELL, NEW YORK, NY, USA: Uwe, the research arrived Friday evening, and I've been spending time with it ever since.  I want to thank you for the impressive and extensive work you've done.  You're thoroughness is amazing.  Not only did you provide copies of a vast array of primary sources, but you translated them into English! Furthermore, I am grateful that you were able to find confirmation of family stories -- the canteen in Mainz that my great-grandparents operated, for example -- that until now had been vague and unsubstantiated.  It will take me a long time to absorb all of the information contained in this most impressive and moving document. Thank you, Uwe.  I don't think a family member could have produced research with as much thoroughness and integrity as you have.  I -- and my family -- are extremely grateful for your work. DAWN MORIN, BRADENTON, FL, USA: Again, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on this genealogy project.  It has been almost 20 years that we have worked on it (off and on) and we now have one of the most well documented lines!  I can't wait to share it with my family for Christmas.  It will be a great surprise.  TERRY E. LAUN, NEW ALBANY, IN, USA: Dear Uwe, Thank you so much for your recent report. It is as great as I expected. I really appreciate how you put the historical context into your introduction. It really helps to imagine the reality of the time. FRED STEPHANS, FREDERICK, MD, USA: Dear Uwe, I am very pleased with the results of your research. Thank you for your excellent work.  Feel free to use me as a reference. KATIE HARRIS, GRASS VALLEY, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, I have already spent some happy hours pouring over the wonderful information that you found for my family. I am very pleased with the quality and presentation. DANIEL STEINHART, EUGENE, OR, USA: Uwe, We received the research report a couple of days ago. You've done a tremendously good job. It's so thorough and rigorous. As a film historian myself, I'm really impressed with your skill at building the portrait of my family. As we continue to study your findings more closely, we may have a few questions along the way. In the meantime, thank you so much for your excellent work, communication, and professionalism. I'll definitely recommend you to others. SUSAN E. HAZEL, SAN MARCOS, CA, USA: Hello Uwe. Please know that I am so in awe, impressed, and amazed with the level of detail and thoroughness that you put into this project! As my first experience with a professional genealogist, I think you have set the bar quite high for me! JOHN D. STRICKER, MAZOMANIE, WI, USA: Dear Uwe, Having completed a first review of the Stricker Family Research Report, I must say a huge thank you for your excellent work. You have added a wonderful aspect to my appreciation of genealogy.  The information on their homes, their communities and the families has brought my ancestors to life for me. RICHARD LUTZ, SIMI VALLEY, CA, USA: I’m in complete shock!  I’ve read some of the report and I’m still going through it.  You did a fabulous job!  Thank you!  It has truly exceeding my expectations.  I truly mean that.  RANDY ORTWEIN, MAGNOLIA, TX, USA: I received your incredible report.  Thanks for being so thorough and professional.  It is extremely comprehensive and look forward to spending many hours learning about that part of my family history. SANDRA HENSELMEIER FUNK, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA: Dear Uwe, I have not yet had the time to read and study the report as I wish, but what I’ve seen, I am doubly happy with your results. Let me tell you the things that I appreciate: The DVD containing the files. The ease of reading the report because of your expert command of the English language. The use of color, especially the photographs of Walsheim. The paper is wonderful and will last for generations because it won’t tear or become crumpled from people using it. The matte and thickness are perfect for genealogical reports. The table of contents serves as an excellent overview of the report itself. The Introduction provides the historical background for understand the region during the time of the Walters, and especially the effect of the wars that served to fuel the 1848 Rebellion and the emigration outside the region. Suggestions for further research is valuable. The pedigree chart shows the relationships of various ancestors, which makes more understandable the detailed information that follows. The documents showing the old German Script will be valuable for family members—who won’t be able to read it—to at least see what it looks like, and then to read your translations. Your explanations of why certain historical records are gone and why. Uwe, you have presented historical information in a most captivating way making reading and studying the documents a pleasure. Thank you again for your splendid work. I am happy that you were willing to take on this research project. CHARLES E. MOHS, MORRISTOWN, NJ, USA: You have done truly great work and I love it. The way you document everything and cross reference is super professional! STEVE VITALICH, SEATTLE, WA, USA: Hello Uwe, THANK YOU! The quality and thoroughness of your work is impeccable, and I am thrilled to have so many questions answered about Amalea Bank and her family! SHELLIE GILMOR, LIBERTY, MO, USA: Thank you so much for this research project.  I am very pleased with the results and the ability to have documented proof of my lineage. You are very good at what you do and am very grateful to you for your time, compassion and dedication to details and overall thorough job. CHARLES L. WEYAND, MERIDIAN, ID, USA: Hi Uwe, Your Weyand report and arrangement is the best primary research I’ve ever seen. ELIZABETH HILPERT, FAYETTEVILLE, NC, USA: Dear Uwe, Oh! My!! - Words cannot express... I am totally thrilled with the great research and information packed quality Weyand book which you’ve sent! Your packet explains so much. It clears up family conjecture, replacing it with documented facts. That is priceless information you’ve gathered so very diligently. ELIZABETH OLACK, RENO, NV, USA: Uwe, Thank you very much for your wonderful research and report on my Brehm/Schachtner ancestors!  I received the report on Monday and have been reading and re-reading it ever since then.  Your research and attention to detail are superb and just what I wanted. GEORGE HOFFER, TOMS RIVER, NJ, USA: Let me also say, your professionalism was exemplary. You did what you said you were going to do, in addition to your communications with us. The entire family is excited to review your work. ANN TICE BARKMEIER, HOWELL, MI, USA: I began going through your amazing book on the Barkmeyer genealogy in detail- it is absolutely stunning, exceedingly well written and you have done exactly as I had hoped- put a story to the telling of my husband's ancestors by extracting details from your meticulously recorded records.  I love the fact that you included appropriate photos and maps in your research as this helps liven up the telling of his ancestors. I am a detail person and am absolutely overwhelmed and grateful for your excellent work! Please feel free to quote any of this in your web site. LEROY W. BLOOM, LAWRENCE, PA, USA - In his book “A Bloom by Any Name - Some Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Peter Blum 1732-1814”, publ. 2015. Preface, page 3: Herr Uwe Porten, my German investigator, went far beyond what might be considered value for the dollar. His factual information and documentation were of the highest quality. But beyond that, Herr Porten took his own time, answered many questions about the location and times in the area of Germany from which Johann Peter emigrated. The information he provided ranged from political and religious climate, to origins of the Sur name, and much more. That I can call this book a history is to a large extent, due to the efforts of Herr Porten. MIKE SCHILLING, SINGAPORE: Uwe, Many thanks again for all of your help on this research - it is really an amazing piece of work and I'm extremely pleased that you were able to find this 'needle in a haystack'. RUTH DONNELLY, RALEIGH, NC, USA: My beautiful report arrived this afternoon and I'm so excited, and have read it cover to cover for the 1st of many, many times.  Thank you so much for such a beautiful, easy to read record. Uwe, you are professional, prompt and a joy to work with. AMY KENNELEY, CHESTERLAND, OH, USA: Dear Uwe, I received the report this morning and have poured over it with such interest but will of course read it again and again in time to come. Can't wait to share this with family. Never expected such fine presentation! Truly beautiful and so well done. Your attention to each detail is excellent. Such a peek into these lives is precious, especially the paternity and land division problems .Thank you again. BETTY ANN BOWLES, SHELBYVILLE, KY, USA: I was initially speechless when I received my Research Report today!  I have just begun looking at it in detail and am astounded that you could produce such a professional product in a relatively short period of time. I am very impressed with your documentation, presentation, translation, and clarity of the report.  My husband was also very impressed and agreed with me that you are indeed a genealogical professional! I have high standards and you, by far, are the best genealogist I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I wish every researcher could be as thorough as you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!  You are simply the best!  MARK PFEIFFER, BRISTOL, RI, USA: Dear Uwe, The report has arrived.  It is outstanding work in every respect.  It is clearly written and beautifully presented.  It provides exactly the information we were seeking in advance of our trip to Germany, both rounding out the family tree and providing the background information regarding our family as they prepared for and began their journey to America.  The translation of the source material is greatly appreciated as well. SANDRA CONDON, NARRE WARREN, VIC, AUSTRALIA: Thank you for your professionalism and the quality of your research is first rate. NANCY BENNETT, BRENTWOOD, CA, USA: Thank you again for your good work, Uwe. If you ever need an additional testimonial, we would be more than happy to provide one. DUANE STUCKY, CARBONDALE, IL, USA: Your report arrived today. I offer my sincere gratitude. It is an extremely professional document representing outstanding work. I have already spent several hours reviewing it, and I find it so helpful that you cite original documents from so many various different sources. It will take much more study before I can fully absorb the information presented. DENISE SORENSEN, PLACENTIA, CA, USA: Dear Uwe: Your research package arrived today in the mail!! I am so excited!! Thank you so very much for your outstanding research!! I am so very, very happy with your work and excellent research!! CARRA SIMMONS, BLOOMINGTON, IL, USA: We received the packet today. WOW -- you do impressive work! STEPHEN ROWE, ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA: I am getting responses from my relatives, and everyone is very impressed with your high quality work. CRAIG ROBERTS, GRANT, MN, USA: Uwe, I can not say thanks enough to you. This is exactly what I was hoping for. GRETA HAGER MANKINS, WHITNEY, TX, USA: Uwe, you did a fantastic job. I am learning so much about my family and I love having copies of all the records. Thank you for all your hard work. CHERYL LEIST-RANDALL, BERGISCH-GLADBACH, GERMANY: I finally looked through at all the data you were able to collect for us. I am thoroughly overwhelmed with the results of your research work and what you have found in less than 3 weeks of research. You must have raced around like crazy, getting all of this. It would have taken me years to find all of this, if I did it myself. I think I can speak for all of my relatives, who I will share this with, and say a very big THANK YOU! DICK KRAUS, LEVERETT, MA, USA: Your package arrived here last Saturday. I was overwhelmed!! It is so much more than I dared hope for. And so well done. You do awesome work. If I have more searching to do in Germany I will certainly be back to you. ANDREW KOLLOSCHE, ARMIDALE, NSW, AUSTRALIA: Uwe, Thanks again for all your research it's fantastic to finally see how all the Kollosche's are connected and the origins of the surname. ANN JAMES, CLEARWATER, FL, USA: I am very happy with the results. You certainly did a very thorough job with excellent documentation. ANN GUELL, OREGON, WI, USA: Hello Uwe, What an impressive report you have sent! I am extremely pleased with all your efforts and the fine results. RON GOERGEN, PEORIA, AZ, USA: Mr. Porten: Your research finally caught up with me. The work is OUTSTANDING!!!  Great job. THOMAS AUSTIN GAYLORD JR, PEMBROKE, MA, USA: Uwe, I have to pass along how pleased I am with how this project turned out. I find it amazing that from one very vague marriage record you were able to piece together my paternal history back to the early 17th century. I want to thank you for taking on this project, I realize it was somewhat more difficult due to the lack of a concrete birth date and place. "Two hours outside Durlach" will be a phrase I remember for a very long time! The level of detail in your analysis and the professional presentation exceeded all my expectations. You should know that you have broken down a wall that has existed for quite some time with this information you uncovered, and I'm excited to show my relatives and friends the results. MADELYN L. EDWARDS, SURPRISE, AZ, USA: Hi Uwe, The research was great and I have enjoyed going over the information that you found. I am so happy with the results as there was no way that I could ever have done this research on my own. WAYNE DISHER, SANTA CLARA, CA, USA: Uwe, Received your package last night. I've yet to go over the material in depth, but I am so far quite pleased. I am overwhelmed with the amount of information you provided. How do you do it! Bravo! It is very much appreciated. I will look over all of the report and documents during the next few days. And get back to you with any questions. I can not tell you how satisfied I am. JEFF DEHNER, WEST CHESTER, OH, USA: Dear Uwe: Ausgezeichnet! That was one of the first words I learned in my high school German class, and it came to mind when my brothers and I received your report on our family roots -- excellent!  We are very happy with the results of your research, especially the way you carefully organized everything. My brothers and I feel that the information we received from you was worth every penny of your fee. Hiring you was a very good investment, and we would recommend your services to anyone seeking out their ancestors in Germany. Please feel free to post my endorsement on your website. HARRY BREUL, MONROE TWP, NJ, USA: Dear Uwe, I finally have had the time to read and study your report. I am very impressed and happy with the results. You were confronted with an almost impossible situation when you found that the pertinent records in the churches of Bukau had been destroyed in the war. I find that losing a part of ones heritage is just another, perhaps a very small but nonetheless sorrowful, cost of war. However, I am very thankful for your perseverance in finding alternate sources, and finding as much as you did about the life of my great, great grandfather. Equally impressive are the results of the search for the family of my great grandmother. They exceeded all my expectations, encompassing 5 generations of my Bartsch ancestors, and gives me a whole new perspective on my family’s history. WILLIAM METZ, SIOUX CITY, IA, USA: Dear Uwe - I have just returned to find your research package. I have only had time to read through it once and I am ecstatic. It is truly amazing how much priceless information you have uncovered in such a short time. I am in your debt not only for the meticulous nature of your record search, but for the extra effort you took in traveling to Harle for the photos and interviews with the Werners. LEROY W. BLOOM, HEREFORD, AZ, USA: Please allow me to say that I am very impressed by your detailed and diligent investigation, and your clear and concise presentation of the results of your research. ROBERT JACKSON, BERKELEY, CA, USA: Mr. Porten -- Thank you, as always, for your prompt and thoughtful reply. ROGER WEBER, SOUTH CHINA, ME, USA: Dear Uwe, Thank you very much for all you have done. I am very impressed. THERESA STRASSER, ALBANY, NY, USA: I received the package this morning; you are as good as your word. I'm very impressed that you were able to trace the Strassers back to 1699 in Griesbach, and I can see that it wouldn't have been easy. The documentation is meticulous. You have done a very thorough and professional piece of work, and I thank you. LAUREN TANK, PORTLAND, OR, USA: Hi Uwe, The first package arrived. What perfect timing. What detail!! We were amazed you were able to make all the connections and find soo much information. It is fantastic!! DIANA RITCHIE, TROY, IL, USA: Everything is just wonderful - beyond what I expected and I can't wait to dive into it. EDWARD A. SOMMERS, FAIRFAX, VA, USA: Hello Uwe, I received the package and am very, very pleased with the results. I can now appreciate how difficult the first phase of the project was. Your research is thorough and very informative. MARY PETR, TOOWOOMBA, QLD, AUSTRALIA: Dear Uwe, When I was looking on the web for a researcher, I chose you because you gave the impression of being the most professional. You have even exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much. PAMELA MERIDEW, SOUTH BRENT, DEVON, UK: Lieber Uwe, I am so pleased with all the work you have done and information you have found for me, cannot thank you enough, and will certainly recommend you to any clients that come in and want to trace their German ancestors. DOUG KINTZLE, URBANDALE, IA, USA: I am very satisfied with the research you conducted on John Kintzle and his family. In the future, I would be happy to serve as a reference to any potential clients. MARILYN G. GALLAGHER, CHARLOTTE, NC, USA: I am very impressed with your detailed research and amazed at your presentation. I had no idea you would find so much. You have definitely cleared up a few things for me. KATHY RIFFLE ELGIN, SALEM, OR, USA: Dear Uwe, Your research package arrived yesterday and I am VERY pleased. The material is professionally presented and the content much more than I had hoped for. I also appreciate the maps and reference listing. Thank you very much. There is a lot of work here and an enormous boost to my family history at a very reasonable price. I have spent a lot of money on previous research in Germany but now know what good research looks like, thanks to you. KAYLIN CADDIS, PORTLAND, NSW, AUSTRALIA: Dear Uwe, My package arrived last week I must say I was extremly happy with what you have sent me. It was so exciting to see all those names and dates and the towns my ancestors lived and the photos were great, my family and I have wondered for for years where our family had really come from in Germany and what sort of lives they had and now I know. DORIS BREUL, MONROE TWP, NJ, USA: Dear Uwe, Your beautiful report was received today in perfect condition. I have read through your summary report and am so delighted with all the very interesting information you have noted. I can't wait to go through the research reports and confirm and/or update my records from that which you were able to find. Thank you so much! DR. BRIAN K. WILBERT, OBERLIN, OH, USA: Dear Uwe, How can I possibly begin to thank you for the excellent research material which you sent my on my German relatives? I have been searching for over 10 years to establish my family's connection to our homeland, Germany. You have not only given me that connection but also a heritage complete with the villages from which my family originated for at least four generations. Now we have a place on the map! The copy of the birth/baptism records (and english translations) for my great great grandparents is simply a treasure! I never dreamed it possible, and on my own, I could never have accomplished the research with which you provided me -- names, and dates for my great great grandfather's siblings and their spouses, and the names and dates for my great-great-great grandparents, my great-great-great-great grandparents AND my great-great-great-great-great grandparents! When I think that you were looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack because of the lack of information from my family records, this bonanza of information is nothing short of miraculous! My family and I will be forever grateful for your enthusiasm and diligence in researching the Wilbert family history. As soon as I have time to assimilate all this information I will be in touch with you again so that we can continue our research! I would like to know a little bit more about the village from where my family came as well as their occupations. I would also appreciate some photographs of the area as well as the church and cemeteries where my relatives lie in repose. Eventually I would like to arrange a family heritage tour, perhaps in 2005, and I know now that you are indeed the one to arrange this unique opportunity! Again, Uwe, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your excellent work on my behalf! I'll be in touch soon! MICHAEL BERENS, STILLWATER, MN, USA: I met Uwe through his website. I had reached a dead end in research on my own. I provided some background information and my objectives. Uwe proposed a work plan, a time schedule and a fee (including expense) quote. He did what he said he planned to do, ahead of time and for the fee quoted. In fact he did more than I could reasonably have expected. The results of his research, which he termed "good", were in fact, superlative. Uwe provided a professional, complete and understandable report and accompanying overview letter. Each statement of fact was based on documented sources. He was thorough in exploring leads. He translated important documents. He was creative in seeking sources of data, from church records to property records to notary records. I have an understanding of my ancestor’s life in Germany from his work, much greater than the straight genealogy data. Most impressive was his effort in providing a CD which included early 1800’s plats with ancestor’s property labeled. We expect to seek Uwe’s services again. DAVID LLEWELLYN, HOWRAH, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA: Dear Uwe, I received your comprehensive report about 10 days ago and have since been studying the connections.I must say I was impressed with your efficient and effective work in unearthing the number of records in the time you had. MARILYN HARDESTY, FRANKLIN PARK, IL, USA: Hello Uwe. Your package came today, and I am thrilled with the material. WALTER ANDERSON, SANTA FE, NM, USA: Hello Uwe, After reading all of your material it is just outstanding. You are a professional genealogist. Your work is a very fine example of hard work. I would be glad to write a testimonial for your web page and include my toll free number, for anyone who would like to hear me tell what a fine job you have done for me and my family. Many many thanks and I am so glad to have your genealogy report to fill in that part of my family history. I would like to call you on Sunday to give you my personal thanks. CHERYL L. BADA, LAGUNA, NM, USA: Hi Uwe, I am so impressed with the results of your research. MARTIN WISEMAN, PARKVILLE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: I have had time to digest some of the material over the holidays you have sent, obviously not all yet! It is completely fascinating and very thorough. Thank you so much again and I think it is extraordinary that you managed to get back to the 1600's and records of the farm to the 1500's! VICKIE SHERMAN, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA: Dear Uwe: I am very very happy - even ecstatic- about what you were able to find and how you presented it. I have worked with close to ten professional researchers and what you have delivered is by far the best. PETER SCHUELER, RICHFIELD, OH, USA: Dear Uwe, I received your excellent report late last week and have taken some time to study the findings. First let me say that I am very happy that you were able to discover the existance of the Nierstein records that opened the door to find the early Schüler history. This alone was worth the investment for me. I thank you again for your good work. ROBIN ONEILL, LAKE FOREST, IL, USA: Hello Uwe, Thank you for a great job and detailed research. I am especially pleased with your meticulous approach to genealogical research and professional persistance in finding our true ancestors. The wealth of detail and information that you have uncovered and compiled about my true ancestors and disproving the relationship with our Internet ancestor is outstanding. NANCY MADETZKE, CHANDLER, AZ, USA: Uwe, What an AWESOME report! I'm very impressed, you did a great job. ANTHONY M. LEWIS, LONDON, UK: Nochmals: Danke sehr, Uwe, fuer alles was Sie gefunden haben und mit solcher Sorgsamkeit vorbereitet und praesentiert haben. SUSAN GROTH HILL, WOODBURY, MN, USA: Dear Uwe, Just received the package this afternoon. Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed going through all the material. Everything seems to be very well compiled. There is another side of the family I may ask you to research later. WILLIAM BUSS, WILLIAMSBURG, VA, USA: Dear Uwe, First of all let me say how impressed I was with you and your work and what you did for me on such short notice. MARY BUEHLER, SPRINGFIELD, PA, USA: Uwe, we received the report yesterday. Thank you. The information was very much what we expected. We are very excited to share the information with other relatives and continue searches in America for relatives with these connections. JOHN STICKRADT, CHELSEA, MI, USA: The quality of your work is outstanding! JERRY RETTIG, TYNEMOUTH, ENGLAND: Hi Uwe, I just wanted to say thank you and well done. Your research is very thorough and accurate. DALE V. REED, CHAPEL HILL, NC, USA: It arrived this morning and I'm thrilled with it. Thank you so much. It's beautifully documented and clearly presented. PATRICK GUNDLACH, MILWAUKEE, WI, USA: Uwe, I received the report yesterday, and had an hour or so to review it so far. I am incredibly pleased with the work you have done -- it exceeded all of my expectations! I need to work through it some more, but it looks like you did an EXTREMELY thorough job HENRY J. FREIMUTH, STANDISH, CA, USA: Uwe, Just when you have thought all is lost in heritage research professionals like yourself come along. I received the research documents yesterday. I am greatly impressed by your accuracy and thoroughness with this research! I am still going over the documents, which will take a few days in detail to get through them all. I would recommend anyone trying to get professional genealogy research in Germany, go to you for outstanding results. RUTH EMMEL, NORTH FORT MYERS, FL, USA: Dear Uwe, I am so very pleased with all you found out about my family. Thank you. MARILYN CLARK, RYDERWOOD, WA, USA: Hi Uwe, I have been poring over the package you sent and am impressed but not surprised at the quality and thoroughness of your work. The other letters of recommendation on your website convinced me that you do good work and I have not been disappointed. Thanks so much! LUANNE CASTLE, PARADISE VALLEY, AZ, USA: Uwe, I got the package! It was very exciting. Your work is excellent--so detailed and organized. JOSEPH BULLER, MORAGA, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, I have received your research report today (Monday) and must say that I am very pleased with your findings. I feel that the information you have provided us is complete, thorough, well documented, and it exceeds our expectations. Certainly, your professional skills and intuition have greatly contributed to your success on this project. Thank you very much!I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends and family. WILLIAM BRAUN, BURLINGTON, CT, USA: Dear Uwe, Thanks again for a professional package. WENDY MASUHR, BERRYVILLE, VA, USA: Thank you again for the amazing research you have done on the Wrede family. I have finally had time to review everything with my family and we are very pleased with your results. It was great to be able to share this information with my cousins and we finally know exactly where our family lived in Germany and even pictures of the house, street and town. I will be in touch with you should we all decide to travel next year to see the area. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing ancestry research. FRANK TROPPMANN, EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA: Hello Uwe, I had high expectations of your report, but the thoroughness of this comprehensive work and the concise presentation of the results, far exceeded those expectations. The results of your diligent efforts and expeditious completion were worth every penny of your fee. You conclusively linked our genetic lines to our roots in the Mannheim Area and provided corroborative and recorded evidence thereto. Additionally you have provided us in depth and breadth, the Troppmann descendants and genealogical information going back a further six generations with additional positive direction as to future investigation. We will be in contact with you regarding this in the near future. CRAIG STRUENING, PARIS, KY, USA: Hello Uwe, I did receive your package and I am very pleased and excited with the results. Your work was very detailed and complete. It is hard to express the joy in having this information about my family and I am still astounded that you found my living cousins. BERNIE STIROH, KINNELON, NJ, USA: I just received the package. WOW! I am really impressed with the caliber of your work, It is outstanding. It far surpasses my highest expectations.You did a very thorough job and I have no doubt that you found the right family. You checked and cross referenced everything that you got. report itself was done and presented in a very professional manner. Please use my name as a reference if you would like. BEN MORRIS, SAN MARCOS, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, We had a wonderful trip in Germany, your research was excellent and provided a opportunity for us to visit the ancestral villages of the Fink families. If anyone needs a reference on you from the states give them my contact information. It was a pleasure working with you. GLORIA LA ROCHE, FAIRFAX, VA, USA: Hi Uwe! My package came today and I was SO excited--you deserve every penny for the fantastic work you do! You are SO professional and I am SO very pleased! CLAUDIA GULI, MT WAVERLEY, AUSTRALIA: Dear Uwe, Thank you so much for the wonderful information you sent. It's fantastic! Thanks again for the excellent research. DAVE R. FLACH, CYPRESS, TX, USA: Uwe, Thanks again for a very good job. RONALD DAYMAN, SWAN VIEW, WA, AUSTRALIA: Greetings Uwe! Magnificent! Thank you so much. CHRISTINE BOND, CLEVEDON, NORTH SUMERSET, UK: Dear Uwe, I am absolutely delighted with the results of your research, with the way you have presented it, and with the wealth of documentation you have provided. It will take me a long time to absorb all the details that you have discovered. There is no way I could have done this myself. SUSAN SCHAAN, BOSSIER CITY, LA, USA: Hi Uwe, My package arrived late yesterday afternoon. This is exactly what I was looking for and wanting for many years !! You have done an excellent job in presenting your research to me. I am so happy to have this at last. It will take some time to read through all of it. Your work is outstanding and I very much appreciate getting what you said you would deliver. RICHARD ROMAN, DALLAS, TX, USA: Hello Uwe, I must say that I am absolutely astonished by the level of and attention to detail. I could not be happier and I cannot wait to share your findings with other members of my family. NORMAN RICKARD, PALM DESERT, CA, USA: I received my research information today, and am really delighted. I have been so excited reading it and learning all the new information. It added so much to my family research, and filled in holes that needed filling. Better still, it helped clarify a lot of bad information that poor researchers on this side of the ocean seem to put out. It's so refreshing to work with a researcher, such as yourself, who does a proper job of it, documents the information, and presents it in so orderly a format. You did a wonderful job, and I am very grateful. I would certainly recommend you to anyone interested in your services. KELSIE ROEHL, EUGENE, OR, USA: We received your package--thank you so much! The information is wonderful; I'm still trying to digest it all and haven't had time to read everything. It's slow going because everything is so interesting. THOMAS M. PFEIFFER, RALEIGH, NC, USA: The package arrived a few minutes ago, and I am truly impressed with the volume of data you have uncovered and the quality of the documentation. This is material I never would have been able to decipher even if I were able to be there personally. You have, as you have done for so many others, exceeded my expectations! THOMAS O'BRIEN, BENSALEM, PA, USA: You have impressed me with the quality of your work. From small details, such as the quality of the paper you used, to the extensive amount of research you have done I have been more than happy. Your photographs, documentation in German, Latin, and English, reports and charts are all more than was expected. The extra details and explanations you provided are more than could have been gathered by me on my own in years, if at all, with or without traveling to Germany. MARY and JIM LOHR, AMES, IA, USA: The research material has arrived. What wonderful contents were within! It's so exciting to read these reports and see where my ancestors lived many years ago. But more important than the number of names, is the quality of the research. And it appears you did a lot of in-depth and fully documented work.Thank you! GARY MUNHALL, CASTRO VALLEY, CA, USA: I've been able to uncover many new and exciting events in their life and you've been a great part in it. You can put my excerpts in your wesite for all to see if you wish, it kind of helps in a sales push for you besides any recommendations for others searching their family in that part of the world, my direction is to you. ALLEN NICKOL, MARLBORO, NJ, USA: Dear Uwe, I received the package Tuesday and have been reading it over and over. I am delighted with the results and your clear presentation of the information. This is really fantastic! PAUL JACROUX, KIRKLAND, WA, USA: Dear Uwe, Your research report just arrived and I have briefly read through it. It will take a week to study and incorporate the information into the family history. I am VERY impressed with your work. It has revealed much more than I had expected and your work is very detailed and complete. I am so impressed that I would like you to investigate the maternal side of my wife's family. JOE JENNINGS, BELTSVILLE, MD, USA: Let me just tell you how impressed I was when first I received my Hans Family research package. Upon further review of the documents, I was completely amazed at how much research you had performed, both in the church records and the civil registries. The presentation of this information and the meticulous sourcing was outstanding! In addition, the historical maps and photos of my ancestor's village and property were such a nice touch. Please count me among your many very satisfied clients. RICHARD HOUGH, HUNTINGDON, CAMBS, UK: Dear Uwe, I am delighted to report that the package has just arrived (11 a.m. Thursday). I am most grateful to you for all you have achieved – and in such a short time, too. I am bowled over by the amount you have managed to find out and by the very clear way you have presented everything. You must have had a difficult time navigating your way through people with such similar names. CAROL ANN GERBER, MONETA, VA, USA: Thank you so much for the wonderful report that I received last week. I am just delighted to finally have some answers concerning my German heritage. You have opened up a whole new life for me and I want to know more. I hope that you will be able to do more research for me in the future. Thank you for doing such an exemplary job! I would be happy to recommend your services. DR. BARBARA VON DIETHER, MANHATTAN, KS, USA: Again, thank you for your incredibly detailed and descriptive work on our behalf! HELEN AND FRANK CLAUS, DEN HAAG, THE NETHERLANDS: Dear Uwe, Your research package arrived safely today. Thank you so much! It is an excellent piece of work! The printouts are really clear and easy to follow. The summary you provided, with an explanation of terms, is brilliant, as we have been able to share this with family members immediately. We have not been able to read all the detail yet as there is lots to digest. We would be happy to recommend your services to other people! THOMAS BERG, VENTURA, CA, USA: Hi Uwe: Just a quick note to thank you for the extensive, well documented amount of information you provided me about my paternal ancestry. I never in my wildest dreams expected your research would be able to take my line back to the sixteenth century! I am very pleased and satisfied with the results. Your knowledge of available pertinent German genealogical records, your skill in assembling and presenting the findings, not to mention your courtesy and professionalism, are unparalleled. Please feel free to use me as a reference for the quality and depth of the genalogical research services you provide. HERBERT BRINKMAN, OMAHA, NE, USA: The research you completed arrived safely. We are enjoying reading through the materials and were delighted to receive so much documentation and the pictures from the area were fantastic. Thank you for the book you included as well. ERIC ZIZELMANN, TAMAQUA, PA, USA: Hi Uwe, I received your package this weekend and my head is spinning with excitement. You have done a fabulous job with the reports but have also gone far beyond what was expected. Thank you so much for all your hard work. BILL RICHTER, SEATTLE, WA, USA: Uwe, The work you have done on my behalf is wonderful. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into it. I thought it was going to be difficult after having attempted to do some of it myself. You more than met my expectations. Most of the questions we have had as a family have been addressed. The way you presented the material made it easy to understand and has given me new insight into how my ancestors might have lived. I cannot thank you enough. LEE MOENCH, SEQUIM, WA, USA:Dear Uwe, I have had time this morning to read and reread the wonderful information that you have found. Your presentation is very, very professional and the pictures are very good also. Thanks! I am writing a family history and will take your information and place it in the appropriate places throughout the report. GEORGE LORENZ, ISLIP TERRACE, NY, USA: I got the package, and I am more than pleased, to say the least, on what I received. You did a superb job...better than I had expected. The documentation of it all was incredible. Thank you so much for your time and effort in such a magnificent presentation of my family history. WILLIAM R. HEARTER Jr., PHOENIX, AZ, USA: Dear Uwe Porten, I have received the report and am most pleased with the results. It is so helpful to have one that is well organized in several directions. JOE HANNON, CRANFORD, NJ, USA: Dear Uwe, Your package arrived today and it's amazing, its hard to imagine all that information was kept back then. KAREN CALDABAUGH, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, USA: I received the research package. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. I hope you know how valuable a service you provide to those looking for research in Germany. I would have never been able to do this on my own. Thank you!! FRED E. AAB, BROKEN ARROW, OK, USA: I can't tell you how pleased we are after a quick review of the material. It is so interesting that my entire family came from that one area of Pforzheim and Karlsruhe and apparently stayed there for generations. We feel you have done a very thorough and professional research. RICHARD VANDERIET, NEWSTEAD, QLD, AUSTRALIA: Congratulations on a job well done. Your meticulous approach to genealogical research and professionalism are to be highly commended. The wealth of detail and information that you have uncovered and compiled about my ancestors is quite remarkable but more importantly meaningful. You have allowed me to gain a better insight and understanding about who my German ancestors are and where they came from. In addition, I'm sure many of my relatives will be pleasantly surprised to learn much about their ancestors as well as a result of your work. I will have no hesitation in recommending your professional services to anyone seeking genealogical research into their German ancestry.
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