The research report may include all or part of the following:
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Cover Letter

The cover letter summarizes the project’s results. It describes  how the research was done and which archives were consulted.  It may contain suggestions for further research.

Family Group Records

Family group records describe one particular family in detail.  They may contain names of parents and children, birth / baptism  information, marriage dates, and death and burial dates. They  may also contain places of residence and indicate occupations,  sponsors, status, and other pertinent information. All sources are cited.

Pedigree and Descendant Charts

The ancestral and descendant charts provide a clear overview of the family tree.

Original Sources

The family group records list all relevant sources used. Normally  photographs or copies of the original documents can be provided as well, ensuring that the results are verifiable. You will also  receive translations or summaries of documents contents!


A general map shows you the exact region where your ancestors  lived. A local map shows you the towns and villages that your  ancestors came from.

Additional Items

I do my best to comply with special wishes for photographs of  specific places, addresses, brochures, chronicles, and other  items. 

The Research Report

Uwe Porten Professional Research family research germany report Fields of Research The Research Report Costs How to Inquire The actual field research is an essential part of the job. Equally important is the proper organization and presentation of the results.  Your goals in research are unique. Your family history is unique. There are no other family stories identical to yours. Also the nature, volume, and availability of records pertinent to your family history is different from any other. Types and time periods of records that are available in some regions may not be available in others. In some towns nearly all records of historic value have survived, others have suffered loss through natural disaster, accident and war. There are records available for certain occupations but not for others. Thus, it is hardly possible to state beforehand what your personal research report will include. However, rest assured, that you will not receive a collection of loose pages and disjointed data, but an excellent presentation of the research results made according to the same high standards as the actual research itself. Home Family Research Heritage Tours Photography Testimonials Contact