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Follow the trails of your ancestors on a guided heritage tour

Once a thorough research is completed, you may want to learn even more about your ancestors and the life they led, walk through the towns where they lived and experience the country and culture for yourself - You might consider visiting Germany...
Heritage Travel Service - fully organized to meet your needs:  Individualized custom tour arranged according to your requirements - no standard schedules.  Well-organized prior to your arrival, yet flexible. Program changes from one day to the next are accomodated.  The tour will be designed exclusively for you, your friends and family. You will not be combined with other groups.  The entire tour is guided, from your arrival at the airport until departure.  I will arrange decent hotel accomodations, if possible in  traditional hotels. Every room will have a private bathroom.  Transportation in coach, van, car, or on motorcycles possible.  Special requirements, like diet requirements, non-smoker rooms, personal interest other than genealogy etc., will be observed.
Use your trip to learn as much as possible about your heritage. Your German roots are exciting, and your trip can be wonderful. Let me help you organize a Heritage Tour that you will never forget. The Heritage Tour designed for you will be one of the most unique experiences in your life. This is a promise.
Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour

Get the feel of the region

Your ancestors were shaped by the region they lived in - the  landscape, the climate, and the economic circumstances. You will  better understand your family background when you understand the  area your forefathers came from. We pass by neighboring villages,  visit the provincial center that ruled the territory, participate in local  festivities, stroll through the surrounding scenery.

Become familiar with the ancestral site

Walk through your ancestors' village. Feel what it meant to live  there. Take the roads they took, pass the buildings they passed,  cross the markets they went to. Visit the churches, cemeteries, and  monuments that played such an important part in their lives. Attend  Sunday mass at the very church where your ancestors were  christened.

Visit your ancestors’ home

Many German villages put considerable effort into preserving old  buildings that conserve village identity. There is a chance that the  house your ancestor was born in still actually exists. In preparing  your trip, I study century-old property books and compare them with  current real estate registration. Often it is possible to locate your  ancestor's home. If the house still exists, I ask the proprietor  whether you may come in and see the inside.

What was daily life like?

Not only are names and places intriguing, sometimes it's the little  ordinary things that reveal so much about how people lived in the  past. Regional museums often have exhibits for artifacts used  everyday. Other places teach us how craftsmen like blacksmiths,  millers, miners, wine growers, farmers, weavers, and so on went  about their daily work. Sometimes I can arrange a visit to a site  where that occupation is still exercised. You can learn much about  the general situation of emigrants. We discover which places are  related to your family history, coordinate your agenda, arrange  appointments, and make sure that the museums are open when we  arrive.

Make friends with distant cousins

Certainly a highlight of every Heritage Tour is getting in touch with  your German cousins. It is thrilling to share experiences and  exchange photographs and discover what you have in common. If  you like, I try to locate your relatives, contact them, prepare  an encounter and take over translation, if necessary.

Enhance your family research

If your family research is still incomplete, we may spend a half or full  day doing research together in local archives. We can examine  church books, tax rolls, civil documents - whatever is available and  useful for complementing your genealogical work. I prepare this  research day in advance to get the most out of it. Before you arrive  in Germany, I will have checked for relevant sources and  archives and made appointments and reservations. I guide  you through your research at the archives - just as I guide  you through your entire Heritage Tour.

How about some local food, music, festivals?

Try the regional food specialties. Taste the food your ancestors  enjoyed! You can even learn to cook some local dishes and treat  your family back home to something new and delicious. 
Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour Uwe Porten Professional Research Heritage Tour

Your Heritage Tour is absolutely unique...

... and so is the price. Your Heritage Tour is the utmost in customized travel experience. It is fully designed to  reflect your own personal family history. So it is not  possible to quote a general price that would apply to  every tour. Once your wishes and expectations have  been discussed, you will be given an estimate that will  be worked out exactly, once a first draft of your  program has been made.
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