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How to Inquire

Send your request to:

professional genealogist uwe porten

1. Send your request directly to me

Indicate your research target. Be specific. Are you looking for ancestors or living  relatives, or certain documents? Include the names, dates and places pertinent to your  research, if you have them. Religious denomination is often very helpful for determining  sources. My reply to your inquiry is absolutely free of charge. It involves no further  financial or other commitment. 

2. I will see what can be done

I will check what research is possible based on the information you have provided. I will  conduct a free preliminary research to determine what relevant sources are available  and determine where they are. I can then estimate the chances for a successful joint  project.

3. I will make a proposal

Provided that promising sources are available, I will send you a proposal detailing the  results to be expected, how long it will take, and what it will cost. 

4. You decide

The proposal enables you to estimate both the outcome and the price. The decision  whether or not to commence research is up to you.

5. I will do the research

Once you have made your decision, I begin researching and complete the project as  quickly as possible.

6. Your payment

Upon completion of the research, I will send you a brief summary of the results. Only  then are you expected to send funds.

7. You will get the results

After payment has been received, I will send you your complete research report,  including all attachments, such as photographs, copies of original documents, ancestral  charts, family records, maps, and everything else that has been found.
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