Fields of Research

Uwe Porten Professional Research family research germany Fields of Research The Research Report Costs How to Inquire I am your partner for custom, in-depth and serious research in the regions of modern Germany, Luxemburg, Alsace-Lorraine (France), and Switzerland.  Please, note that I am not available for single record-search jobs. If you are looking for one or two particular records only, it might be best to contact a part-time researcher or the respective archives directly. Uwe Porten Professional Research  -  Schloßstraße 31  -  D-55411 Bingen am Rhein  -  Germany  -  Tel +49 6721 990022  -

Track Ancestors

Who were your forefathers? Discover their names, when and where they lived, when they emigrated, and what their lives were like.

Find Descendants

Are you looking for the descendants of someone in particular? Compile a comprehensive list of offspring to complete your family book.

Reconstruct Biographies

Are you interested in someone in particular and like to learn just everything on him or her that can be reasonably found out?

Discover Living Relatives

Do you have remote cousins or long-lost siblings? Would you like to contact them and establish a meaningful relationship? Signaling interest often leads to opportunities.

Find the Places

Would you like to become familiar with the local history of the towns from which your family originates? Know the social and economic background that led to migration.

Enjoy Photographs

How about beautiful pictures of the churches, graveyards, monuments, surrounding scenery, and other things of interest?

Travel to your Ancestor’s Towns

Come and enjoy a vacation in Germany! Get the most out of your trip by letting me prepare it. I will plan and organize your stay. I will assist and guide you while you’re here.

Non-Genealogical Research

Services are not limited to genealogical issues. If you consider any other type of research let us discuss possible solutions.

Countries of Expertise

Research in the regions of Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Alsace-Lorraine (France). Research in the historic dominions of Prussia, Bavaria / Bayern, Baden, Wurtemberg / Wurttemberg, Hesse / Hessen (Hesse-Nassau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Kassel), Thuringia / Thuringen, Saxony / Sachsen, Westphalia / Westfalen, Palatinate / Pfalz, Rhineland, Brandenburg, Anhalt, Zweibrucken, Trier, Oldenburg, Hanover / Hannover, Weimar, Eisenach, Gotha, Coburg, Meiningen, Altenburg, Dessau, Bernburg, Hohenzollern, Reuss, Schaumburg, Waldeck, Neuwied, and others.
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