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professional family researcher germany contact Uwe Porten Professional Research  -  Schloßstraße 31  -  D-55411 Bingen am Rhein  -  Germany  -  Tel +49 6721 990022  -  uporten@genealogy-germany.de
I was born in 1965 in Trier, Germany, and came of age in the Mosel Valley  and the Hunsrück Hills. At 14, as a school-boy attending a Franciscian  boarding-school, I developed an interest in history, especially family history.  When I turned 16, after advancing to an academy in Trier, I frequented the  Trier diocesan archives, where I researched my own family’s history. The  director of the archives, noticing my interest and skills, ultimately offered me  the responsability over research inquiries directed to the archives. I gratefully accepted this important position. At age 19 I graduated the academy, fulfilled  my mandatory military service requirement honorably, then attended Trier  University, specializing in  geography, cartography, and regional economic  development. I graduated from Trier in 1993, going on to work for German  and Asian companies in the field of economic development. Throughout the  term of my study at Trier, I had continued to work on genealogical requests  and in the mid-1990’s it was to that passion I returned. Ever since those  days I have had the satisfaction of providing numerous people from many  countries the history of their German ancestors.
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