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JOHN TURPEL, BAY SHORE, NY, USA: As soon as I received my research project from Uwe Porten, I knew I had to add a letter of recommendation to his already extensive list. I originally approached Uwe with only the name of my ancestor and his date of birth. I had no idea from what part of Germany he was from. So basically, I gave Uwe a name of a person who lived somewhere in Germany over three hundred years ago and asked him if he could find any information on him? To my surprise, he took on the project. He has since provided a mountain of information full of names, dates and family trees of my ancestors German relatives. Through Uwe's genealogical expertise and fine detective work, he has found what appears to be the very family my ancestor was born into. Truly, Uwe is the very best at his profession. You should have no hesitation about entering a financial business arrangement with this individual. He is honest, reliable and amazingly thorough. LAURA STAMPER, CLARKSVILLE, TN, USA: There are no words to describe the elation I felt upon receiving the genealogy report regarding the German ancestry of my grandfather. I expected you to find a few ancestors, but I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of information you were able to provide dating back to the early 1700's. Your expertise in locating information is amazing. There is no question that I most definitely will ask you to research my grandmother's ancestors in the very near future. I sincerely hope you will use my name as a reference for individuals seeking to learn of their heritage. MARIE PLUMMER, WOODBRIDGE, VA, USA: I have received the package on the Kramer research that you sent. WOW!!!! Everything arrived safely. I have been reading and re-reading all the information that you were able to find on the Kramer family. It was very through and is taking time to absorb. The pictures are amazing. They really allow you to get a feel for the area that my ancestors lived in. Thank you very much for the great work. GRAY MOSIER, MARTINSVILLE, IN, USA: Dear Herr Porten, I stand in awe! This is certainly beyond anything I had dared to hope for. I can't thank you enough. I just wonder what our original two researchers were looking at to have missed so much in those same churchbooks. DANIEL HAYNES, PHOENIX, AZ, USA: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the careful and beautiful genealogy work you did for my Schleicher family. I am impressed with your careful work and I do realize how many, many records you examined. If you wish, you can use us as a reference as your work is very good. MARY VOISIN, NEW HAMBURG, ONTARIO, CANADA: Uwe, You could not imagine how happy we are to learn that you found our ancestors!!!!! This is a dream beyond dreams!!!! Your finding them has made our trip so exciting that we can not wait to get to Europe. GENE BURGESS, SAN DIEGO, CA, USA: Uwe, This is wonderful work. It will take me several days to put this into my computer and fully digest the information. JOHN T. BRAUN, BELLVILLE, TX, USA: Dear Uwe, I just received the package and have made the first "scan reading". Lots of detail in that package and right off the top, I am pleased and excited by the contents. JOHN BERTHOLD, ELK MOUND, WI, USA: Dear Uwe, The report and materials arrived today. You did excellent work, and I am very pleased with what you found. The photos of the original records and the pictures of the area around Schleiz were a pleasant surprise and greatly appreciated. Also the map, post cards and brochures. I will now get to work entering this wonderful new information into my family tree. If we have need of further research we will contact you. I will also recommend you to anyone who is doing German family research. LAWRENCE M. WOODS, WORLAND, WY, USA: Uwe, Your material arrived two days ago, and after looking at all the work, I see that I have still underpaid you. Many thanks.JOSEPH WINKLE, BAY SHORE, NY, USA: Dear Uwe, I did recieve the package you sent to me, and I am very pleased with the results of your research. I have dealt with other genealogists who also did a great job for me, but you did the best presentation. You made it very easy to understand. ELSA VORWERK, CUMBERLAND, MD, USA: Hello Uwe, We returned last night from a trip to visit my husband's family in Texas, and were so happy to receive your research report on my families Vorwerk and Laurier. I appreciate your thorough and professional report, and look forward to continuing to work with you. LORRAINE SHINGLEDECKER, St. PAUL, MN, USA: Greetings Uwe, Our meeting on Saturday was the best! Everyone was so excited to hear the news about the Krechs! Please know, I intend to look further into the Krech history in the near future. Everyone is so impressed with your work. HAROLD STIERHOFF, CARY, NC, USA: Uwe, Thanks again for the wonderful tour. There is no way we can express how much we enjoyed being with you. CHARLES STEIDEL, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA: Uwe, I just received the material about 1 hour ago and have read through once. Very good work. Thank you. RUSS SCHUPPNER, EL CAJON, CA, USA: Uwe, The report finally arrived in today's mail. You produced an amazing amount of information in a short time. I didn't hope to learn so much about my ancestors. I congratulate you on your expertise and skills. The photos were an unexpected bonus and the documentation is superb!!!! Many thanks for a great job. RICHARD W. SCHERER, TOPEKA, KS, USA: I received your report yesterday and was very impressed with it, especially its clarity, ease of flow, logical approach and in particular your documentation of sources. It makes it very easy for me to cite the sources when entering the info into my program. NICK SCHOMMER, HAGER CITY, WI, USA: Uwe, We did enjoy our time in Paris but not as much as our time in Germany. Everyone said they would return to the Trier area again. The time you spent with us was very much appreciated and we all thought you did a great job. As I sort through all the wonderful information you provided, and have had time to do a little research myself, I am sure there will be additional work I would like to have you complete. LINDA NOLL, WATERFORD, WI, USA: The packet arrived today, and looks incredible. I look forward to perusing all of the information therein. So many questions answered, and, of course, so many questions more! ROBERT MERRITT, CORVALLIS, OR, USA: Hello Uwe, The information you sent was thorough and professional, and I am happy to have purchased your services. SANDRA MEISBERGER, VERSAILLES, IN, USA: Hello Uwe, I want to let you know that I received your package, and I am delighted with the info that you have sent to me. Thank you very much. JUSTIN McLEAN, NEW YORK, NY, USA: Hello Uwe! I have received your completed report, and I must say, you did very good work. I'm quite pleased. Again tank you so much for your efforts. This was exactly what I was looking for. Please let me know if you ever need me to offer a recommendation on your behalf. HERB McCARTNEY, ROME, GA, USA: Dear Uew, Your meticulous and detailed research has meant a great deal to us. We were amazed at the lengths to which you went to show us how the Engers family lived. The photographs were excellent and the supplementary information as to legal records in Germany was very helpful. We highly recommend you to anyone who wants to find out more about their German heritage. TRICIA LEFFSON, BOWIE, MD, USA: Dear Uwe, I received your package and am delighted! I'm busy entering all the information into my Family Tree Maker software. Thanks very much for a job very well done. RONALD LANGACKER, FOND DU LAC, WI, USA: Uwe: I received the Langacker research report today. I have read it over and it meets my expectations as to the work you promised to do for me. It is very thorough and complete. If you need to use me as a reference for other projects, feel free to have people contact me if necessary. Thanks again for the fine work. MARY JANE HOPKINSON, ALAMOSA, CO, USA: I did have time to review all the Theobald research that you did and found it fascinating. The quality of your work and presentation is exceptional. I'm not sure quite how to say thank you. JOAN KAHN, ENGLISHTOWN, NJ, USA: Thanks for sending the information. Indeed it is quite interesting. I have forwarded it to my brother for his review. How fortunate we were to find you. The fact that you had such an excellent contact made it possible for you to get such detailed chronology of transactions. KEVIN S. KELLY, TAMPA, FL, USA: Uwe, Received the package on Fri. and I was very impressed with the research you were able find on the family. I was also impressed with how you did your research to make it easy for me comprehend who is who. I want to thank you for the maps. THOMAS HERRINTON, SPRING VALLEY, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, The materials you sent on my ancestors have arrived, and I am thrilled with the results of your research. It is very professional and complete, and I appreciate the high quality of both your genealogical work and the printing/binding of the results. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others who are considering employing your services. MARGARETE HOEGEL, DUIVEN, THE NETHERLANDS: Dear Uwe Porten, Today your report arrived, thank you very much. I am very glad with the results MARY JANE GOSS, LAKE FOREST PARK, WA, USA: Uwe - I received your wonderful report today, and I am very pleased with your work. I was impressed you were able to find so much information, and even more specifically find the errors in the information, I already had. It is very well presented and professional. TEDDY FISHBACH NOYE, PALM DESERT, CA, USA: Hi Uwe, I've been going over this wonderful package of information you sent, how exciting! Thanks again. SALLY GIESE, HUDSON, WI, USA: Dear Uwe, I received your report a few days ago but I wanted to read it before I wrote you. It was very exciting to see all the information you uncovered! I can not imagine all the books and records you looked through, and you must be very efficient to have found so much in such a short time. Many thanks for all your hard work and persistence. TIMOTHY BODERCK, STEWARTSVILLE, NJ, USA: Dear Uwe, I just received your package. Excellent work. I want to proceed with further research. Thank you for a great job. RAYMOND BONIKER, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, Thank you again for another excellent report on my family!! You were right all along, and I feel very lucky to have found you to do my research! CAROL BACON, AURORA, IL, USA: Uwe, It is great, all of the information that you sent. I am totally pleased. CHARLES WILLIAMSON, FLAT ROCK, NC, USA: Uwe, I received the report yesterday.......it is wonderful ! The entire family thanks you for all the work you have done on our behalf. BOB VOTAPKA, TYNGSBORO, MA, USA: Dear Uwe, Your report on the Freiermuth family was excellent! Thank you for your efforts. ANDREA WETZSTEIN, JUNEAU, AL, USA: Uwe, You can be sure I will recommend you if called upon. FRED SHIPPEE, HARPERS FERRY, WV, USA: Hi Uwe, The package with your research results arrived today. The mail carriers did no damage to any of this! In your cover letter you described this as "exciting research" and I certainly agree. With almost a whole century of new information to absorb into my records I now have quite a task before me. However it will all be a great pleasure to undertake this as I am fortunate to have some young grandchildren who already have expressed an interest in my effort in family research, which is unusual here where most are comcerned only with today and tomorrow. I am now anxious to spend time with the information contained in the Family Group Records you sent.Your eyes must suffer from the writing in the churchbook records.I have not yet looked at the civil records but will do so tomorrow. URSULA SCHMIDT-HEBBEL, JANESVILLE, WI, USA: The documentation arrived some days ago and I am still analyzing in detail what you was to find out. Thanks for your help and for your impressive research work. I never expected that you would be able to find out so much data. JUDY SCHOLLER, WILD ROSE; WI, USA: Dear Uwe, I'm very pleased and excited with the information you sent. I've updated my family tree, and shared the information with all of the descendants of Adam Ernst and Daniel Fleck. Quite numerous! PAULA POLL, VENICE, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, You have been very professional, prompt, personable, and polite in all of your dealings with us. Your guidance in our having realistic expectations about our genealogy pursuits for our Laun family from Kelsterbach is excellent. I am thrilled with the information you were able to find about the Laun family. It is because of your work that we decided to make the trip to Germany and were then able to participate in actually doing primary research in a country that I do not speak or read the language. Because you had already researched our family and had organized the access of many records prior to our visit (especially the estate settlement papers of my great great great grandfather), we were able to accomplish a great deal in a very short period of time. I was able to see and touch the actual documents that you translated for me as we read through them. In addition to the new information we found at the state archives, you guided us to the town of my ancestors and to the church in which they worshipped. You were even able to obtain a key to the church and ring the church bells. There was even a spiritual connection I felt being in the same place that my ancestors worshipped. Also, your recommendations regarding motor routes, places to see, and hotel accommodations were excellent (we had one of the best meals ever at the hotel you recommended—even though it was a French dinner in Germany). You suggested several sights that we may have missed without your guidance. Your fee was very reasonable considering all that you delivered. Thank you, Uwe, for being such a kind and considerate guide on our genealogy quest. The day we spent with you was the major highlight of our visit to Germany. I highly recommend you to anyone wishing to research their family. ROB OXIER, DAYTON, OH, USA: Again, Uwe, Thank you for your outstanding work you have performed for my cause. RICHARD PETERSON, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, USA: Uwe, I am very impressed with all the information and with your presentation of it. Thank you so very much for the thoroughness of your research. The photos and the maps contribute so much to the presentation. JOHN PETERS, MARSHFIELD, WI, USA: Dear Uwe, Your package arrived today and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results. Your work is detailed and top quality which is exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait to share it with the rest of the family! DARREL PFINGSTON, HENDERSON, KY, USA: Dear Uwe, We received your package on Friday, and were very pleased with your work. We have taken most of the weekend to digest the contents, and are eager to share with family at our next genealogy meeting. I have captioned a slide show of the photos you sent, and know my family will certainly enjoy them. I am sorry to have gotten you off to such a bad start with poor information, but am so happy you were able to find Johann Heinrich and his family. However, if we had not believed our information was true, we probably would not have attempted to research him in this particular area of Germany. We thank you for your persistence! The emmigration documentation was totally unexpected and quite a surprise. It reinforces the fact that we could not place him in the USA in the early 1840s in census records and land title records. I will discuss the possibility of further research with my group in the coming weeks, as we form a better scope of work for you, should you be interested in persuing this subject. I will let you know their desires. Thank you so very much for your report. I am most satisfied with the results. HARRY A. NASS, SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA: Dear Uwe: Thank you so much for the resarch work on the Naas family. The results are outstanding. GARY MOSIER, MARTINSVILLE, IN, USA: I stand in awe! This is certainly beyond anything I had dared to hope for. I can't thank you enough. ELEANOR MURILLO, SAN DIEGO, CA, USA: Thank you so much with sincere appreciation for the job you did. RALPH MILLER, FOLSOM, LA, USA: It has taken me some time to process the report you sent to me on the Mullers. First let me say that I thought it was excellent. I appreciate your thoroughness and your documentation. I also appreciate the pictures, map and the pamphlet on Lampertheim. In one report you have pushed back what I know about my family by two generations, and have given me a wealth of information about their families (the will was extremely interesting). You have also opened up some important avenues for my own research here in New Orleans. BESSIE MAYER, SAN DIEGO, CA, USA: Uwe, received packet yesterday and have been busy reading and enjoying all the wonderful information that it contained. That you were able to trace the family back to 1722 and give me so much information is amazing. MIKE KOLLETH, HORGEN-ARN, SWITZERLAND: Uwe, This is absolutely outstanding work! It was exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you very much. This will be the highlight of our family reunion. MARY JO MACKEN, NORTH LIBERTY, IA, USA: Please forgive me for the delay in writing to tell you how grateful I am for all the information you sent regarding the Steeles. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would find information going back so far. JIM LINDENMOYER, NORTHAMPTON, PA, USA: Uwe, You did a GREAT job. JEANNIE KANE, NAPLES, FL, USA: Hi Uwe, I received your report concerning the Schneiders last Friday. I was extremely excited to read the information that you discovered and was thrilled to pinpoint the exact location of my ancestors. Uwe, I was very impressed by your professionalism and thoroughness. I particularly liked the digital photos on disc of the source material. Additionally , I appreciate the enclosed maps, as any information (other than mineralogical sources) are difficult to find about that particular area. MURVA JUSTICE, WOODBURN, OR, USA: Dear Uwe, I received the Scheele research documents. WOW !!!! You did a fantastic job, and as exciting as it may have been to do, it was extremely exciting to receive. There is so much material it is hard to comprehend. I have gone over and over the material and find more information each time. I thank you. RANDY CROUSE, HUNTSVILLE, AL, USA: I received the package today. First I’d like to say, auf Deutsch "Ausgezeichnet und Danke sehr!" I am very pleased. It is a very professional and thorough work that you have done. TIMOTHY DeWERFF, NEW YORK, NY, USA: Dear Uwe, Your packet arrived shortly after your message last week, and I wanted to let you know how very satisfied I am with your work! I especially appreciate the thoroughness of your family group records and translations of the primary documents. DAVID K. BERNHARDT, HUDSON, MA, USA: Uwe, As always, you have stunned me with the quality of your research. You are awesome. (You can quote me on that.) I haven't even looked at the CD-ROM yet... just the report's contents was enough to more than satiate me. PHILIP WIRSCHING jr, WALTERBORO, SC, USA: Dear Uwe, We received the report on my family history yesterday. I am truly amazed that you were able to trace my ancestors back to 1535. I just can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did, I am overwhelmed at the scope of information you provided. We never imagined this much knowledge on the Wirsching family was accessible. The history, photos, and maps along with the official records are incredible. My wife and I look forward to your assistance when we return to Germany. ERIC WEIDER, WOODLAND HILLS, CA, USA: Dear Uwe: I wish to thank you for the research you conducted for me. You were extremely professional throughout the entire experience. DENESE PATCH, MATTHEWS, NC, USA: I received your package last week, and I have to tell you how totally amazed I was at the all of the information you included. It is more than I ever imagined! The items such as, photos, postcards, and maps of the various time periods in Quierschied were a pleasant surprise. I enjoy the social history of an area just as much as the vital statistics of an individual. Your letter included so much detail. I appreciate what you've done more than words can say. I will contact you with my questions as I review the information. Thank you for another excellent job! BRANDON MEISNER, GILBERT, AZ, USA: I received the package on Tuesday... That was fast! I love it! Thank you for the wonderful information. This is exactly what I was looking for!!!! I will probably be in Germany this Autumn and I would like to meet you. Would that be okay? I thank you again for this wonderful and professional research!!!! WALTER LUTZ, ENGLEWOOD, FL, USA: Hello Uwe: Received the material today. Just scanned the information briefly but what I can see you did an outstanding job of researching the Lutz part of the family. STEVEN RUPRIGHT, HANOVER, PA, USA: I received your research today and wanted to say THANK YOU. I am so pleased and excited about the information you found. I never thought we would find this much information. I cannot thank you enough. I am amazed at how the names changed once the family came to America, I would have never been able to find them. Every single date you provided as to the births match exactly what I have found, but the names for some reason were changed. RICHARD MARION, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA: Hi Uwe, Just wanted to let you know that I've received the package. Thanks for much for the great work. Don't think I could have found them (at least not for a long time) without your help. DONALD E. LETTERMAN, BOONVILLE, IN, USA: Hello Uwe, The report arrived in the mail yesterday. I am very pleased with the amount of research you did and the professional manner in which you presented the data. Thank you for all you did. In the future I will be contacting you about further research. POLLY KRONENBERGER, CAMDEN, OH, USA: Dear Uwe, The package of information arrived Friday evening. I have been pouring over it since it arrived. You did such a wonderful job. You are amazing! I was totally impressed by all that you put together. Thank you so very much. BONNE KLIPPEL, SUWANEE, GA, USA: Dear Uwe, I have received the package you sent. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know more about where we come from and the people that we are related to. Thank you so much for your services. It would have been almost impossible for me to do this on my own. BETH LEPIANKA, FEASTERVILLE, PA, USA: Dear Uwe, I received the research package that you did on my great grandfathers family. I am very impressed with what you were able to accomplish in two days. Although it seemed like a lot of money upfront I realize that you accomplished far more than I ever could have even if I spoke German and spent two months working on it. Given the confusion of the church affiliation and the last name on the birth certificate it is surprising you got as far as you did. Again thank you for the research. When you do something like this over the internet you are never quit sure what you will end up with. This time I made an excellent choice. I can tell that the quality of the work far exceeds what I expected to receive for two days work. JIM GREENSFELDER, VENICE, FL, USA: Uwe: Your news is wonderful! Thanks and congratulations for your fine work. MELISSA GARD, CHICAGO, IL, USA: Hi Uwe, I received the package last week and I am very happy with what you've found! It's such a great thing to finally have answers about where my family came from. You found what I was looking for and more. Thanks for your hard work and detailed report - your professionalism and attention to detail is appreciated. KENNETH FRIES, MARLBORO, MA, USA: I received your report and it is execellent. I am most impressed with the amount of work you did to research this, and the results are beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for the great work. ALICE ENFIELD, MELCHER, IA, USA: I just got back from vacation last night and your package had come. I opened it and I am very happy with the results. I am amazed that you were able to find as much as you did and I appreciate that the name of Meyer is as common in Germany as Smith or Brown would be here so I know how difficult it must of been. I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. JAMES DUFFY, CINCINNATI, OH, USA: Uwe, Greetings! Your package arrived today. I have not had an opportunity to look at the documents on the CD-ROM, but the detail contained in your research is incredible! Names, dates, witnesses, godparents, addresses, etc. - is just far more than I ever expected. We now know more about our ancestors in Germany than we do about our ancestors here in the United States. Thank you so much. JAMES W. CRAIG, EVANSTON, IL, USA: I recently hired Uwe Porten to find my German ancestors. I had been trying to find them for years but was unsuccessful no matter what I tried. Uwe found my ancestors even though the information I originally gave him was incorrect. His results are incredible!!! He just doesn't give up. If he reaches a dead end he tries something else. I greatly admire his persistence. It is my pleasure to give Uwe Porten's Genealogical Research my highest recommendation! EDWARD COVIELLO, FISHKILL, NY, USA: Dear Uwe, Thank you very much for your time and effort. I value your work very much. I have had several people do work for me on my Italian side. Their level of work , or their professional standards are no where near the level you have shown. ERIC BEENE, NESBIT, MS, USA: Dear Uwe, I have been able to find a lot more information on the family with the information that you found for me. CHRIS BRIGHT, BARNSTAPLE, UK: Dear Uwe. Thank you so much for all the work you have put in to supply me with all these details, I am thrilled. I thought you may like to know that this morning I showed a friend of mine what you have produced, he himself has been doing his family tree for a very long time and even gives talks on the subject. He has produced two volumes of his family history, his family originated from Germany,and he said to me "that yours was the finest presentation that he had seen" Praise indeed from him. Thanking you again for doing this for me, should you ever need any recommendations I would only be too pleased to give one. ROBERT ALBRECHT, MADISON, WI, USA: Hello Uwe, I received your research on the Weckerle family today. I can't express how much I appreciate the work you did in collecting the information and preparing the report. I'm greatly pleased with the work you did.  ROBERT A. MILLER, LITTLETON, CO, USA: Hi Uwe, Your research arrived in the mail and I am very pleased. ROBERT W. HAYNE, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA: Uwe, Recieved your package of documents yesterday and have spent several hours reviewing and discussing it with my family. This is fablous information and you certainly did a very complete and professional job. The references you provided give me every confidence in the accuracy of the data. I want to share this information with other family members not located in Arizona befor I give you another assignment because they might suggest something I overlooked. ROGER TANSEY, RANCHO MIRAGE, CA, USA: Hello Uwe, Received the information and the results are great! Many thanks for your good work, I'm going to sit down now and digest it all. THOMAS RUEBEL, SEATTLE, WA, USA: Your research was very thorough and helpful for us. If you had not found the conscription notice for my great-great grandfather, we might never have located him. Thanks you again for the fine work, and for spending the day with us in the Archives in Strasbourg. It was an enjoyable day. Thank you again for all of your help. Please feel free to quote my comments for your credentials page. SUSAN POWELL, SKANEATELES, NY, USA: Uwe, I received your report and had a chance to look through it. I am very pleased with the extent of your research and the information it has given me. Thank you very much. KENNETH E. LOVE, CLEVELAND, OH, USA: Uwe, The pictures are outstanding. CLAUDIA McWHORTER, WEATHERFORD, TX, USA: Uwe, I got your packet and found more things I would like to have. I am really excited about what you found. CAROL McCRELLIAS, SHANGHAI, PR CHINA: Uwe, Thank you very much for looking again for me. You've been very generous with your time...the fee I've paid seems so little in comparison to what I've received. PAUL J. KIST, ST GENEVIEVE, MO, USA: Dear Uwe, Received the research material. You are to be recommended for your professional work. I am very excited and pleased. CHRISTINE LAVERY, WANTAGH, NY, USA: Dear Uwe, I received the final report yesterday. It is great. I'm very pleased with it. I still have to go over it and digest all the information. Thank you very much. SCOTT W. GREEN, BREWSTER, NY, USA: Dear Uwe, Thanks for another great report, which arrived yesterday. LELA EITEL, LINDSBORG, KS, USA: Uwe! The research arrived--my husband I have had only a brief time to read it--but we are very pleased with the great job we have seen thus far. --I will write later when we observe the reaction of our siblings-- that should be interesting. Do you work in other parts of Germany ? In the future I hope to have you do my own ancestors who were the Hillesheim's from near Koln. Lela, a pleased client. "Well done, Uwe!" JACKIE SMITH, WINDSOR LOCKS, CT, USA: Dear Uwe: Received the information today! Wonderful Job! I can't thank you enough. HILDEGARD ESPER ENESCO, MONTREAL, CANADA: Dear Uwe: Thank you so much for the extensive results that you found for the Esper family in Alsheim. What large families they had! It is amazing to see all the names and dates from the past. I had thought that the window of time had closed forever on these long-ago events. Thank you so much for bringing them alive. VICKI COLLINS, HOUSTON, TX, USA: Dear Uwe: I had not heard from you since my last letter and I was afraid that maybe you did not receive my note. I can't thank you enough for all the work that you did. KAREN CROOK, PALATINE, IL, USA: Dear Uwe, The research documents have arrived. I want to thank you for your hard work on this family history. I really appreciate the documentation on all the information that you included. LEE WESTERHOLD, NORTHVILLE, MI, USA: Uwe, I just got the Westerhold research you did for me in the mail. Very Impressive. It will take quite awhile to digest all the information. All of it is very good. I appreciate the interpretation of the civil records you included. The maps are a very nice touch. They are very good maps. My wife had some research done on her maiden name a few years ago and paid close to the same amount and did not get as near as much information. She also had to pay someone in the U.S. to translate many things. I'll keep your name on file in case I decide to go further and also in case others may want to use your service. Thanks again. WILLIAM L. SHADE, BOCA RATON, FL, USA: Dear Uwe! Your report was excellent. I am so very pleased. You have added a whole lost portion of my life and I thank you so much for your diligence. WILLIAM STANTON, BOCA RATON, FL, USA: Uwe, I was very pleased with the package that you sent regarding the ... family and all of your research. Quite a bit of effort clearly went into the profect. I would like to proceed with extending the research on the ... family as well as beginning the research on the ... line. NOEL SCHUTZ, PULI, TAIWAN R.O.C.: Hi Uwe, Received the package today! Very nice job. I am really very, very pleased with the results. LORI SCHLEINKOFER, BROOKLYN, NY, USA: Hi Uwe - Just received your package yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful. Very extensive research! I loved seeing the pages from the book with the pictures of the old St. Nazarius church before it was torn down, and the maps were terrific. The military records were great as well, it was neat to see our great-great-great grandfather's name in another official Ober-Roden source. The pictures were terrific, really gives me an idea of what the town is like. It was neat - your pictures showed tudor style homes very similar to the pictures of tudor homes shown in the book pages you copied from the 1800s. Thanks so much again. If you'd like me to write a complimentary paragraph to post on your website along with your other satisfied customers' comments, I'd be happy to do so. Your research helped to provide me with an additional link to our ancestors. It was so interesting. Will keep in touch concerning a possible visit/genealogy tour to Ober-Roden later in the year, maybe in October. DAVID RHEINGOLD, NEW YORK, NY, USA: Your package arrived yesterday, and I am overwhelmed with joy at all the information you uncovered. It was like an early Christmas present. I would therefore like to go ahead and ask you to prepare similar reports on the complete genealogies of the families of:... FRED T. MAY, AUSTIN, TX, USA: Thanks again for all of your research. I would be glad to added as a referral for you to use for other people who might like to retain your services. YVONNE HUXHOLD, THE VILLAGES, FL, USA: Dear Uwe, I want to thank you for the wonderful report on your research of the Huxhold family. It is so exciting to read about the different individuals and to see the actual town where they lived! Even if I had been able to get to the location, I would not have known where to begin and then, Ich spreche kein Deutsch! MARIANNE HALE, PACIFICA, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, I have received your package of the Tatsch family research, and had a wonderful time reading it! I am overwhelmed at the results - I never imagined that I would find this much information on my Tatsch family, all the way back to the 1600s! The history and photos, along with the official records adds so much to the story of my family. They are more like real people now, and not just names and dates. I am overjoyed to see the photo of Johann Jacob, who stayed in Raversbeuren, and also of Wilhelm Tatsch. Thank you for searching for a picture of the original Tatsch home. I was so happy to see a real, live Tatsch descendant in your photos - and still living on the Tatsch land! This has been my first research effort across the sea, and I am very happy with the results! I thank you for all of your effort - it is truly excellent work. JOHN EVAN DAVIS, NINE MILE FALLS, WA, USA: Uwe, I want to thank you for your prompt and extensive research you recently did for my family. With a minimum of misinformation (on my part) you were able to accurately direct your efforts right on target. I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of the information you provided. You helped us to solve an age old question as to where our family really originated. The collateral find of the text that had been written by one of our anscetors was a treasure and a new found relative in Germany was the prize you presented that was an "extra." I would recommend your work to anyone wanting to find their family in Germany and look forward to looking further backward in our future. Thanks again for a job very well done and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. ANNE CRANE, GROSSE POINTE CHORES, MI, USA: Dear Uwe, Your package arrived several days ago. I am very pleased with what you have sent. You have found a lot and it is all well organizedand presented and well documented. GREGORY ACLAND, KENNETT SQUARE, PA, USA: The information you have uncovered is just wonderful, and I am very grateful for your help. CHRISTINE A. APPLE, COLUMBUS, OH, USA: Hello Uwe, Thank you for your excellent documentation. DONNA PEINE, PEORIA, IL, USA: Uwe, I'm thrilled to get the cover letter & am looking forward to getting the complete pkg. I can't thank you enough for all that you have found! I will get back with you after I have had a chance to look through the information in the pkg. We will be gone on vacation for awhile, but I will get back to you. Again, thank you for your efforts to this point! BRIAN WEBER, CHICAGO, IL, USA: The research was outstanding, you did a wonderful job. I am very pleased. I will definately be in touch for future services. CHARLES WEISHEIT, NORTHAMPTON, NH, USA: Dear Uwe, I want to again thank you for the great job you did on my Grandfathers family in Germany. GEORGE SCHLEICHER, JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA: Hi Uwe; Just a short note to let you know we received the package, have had a chance to look over all the information you provided and we are very well pleased with the results. Again, Thank you so much for such a well written, thorough and in depth search of the Schleicher clan in Germany. CLARENCE ART DILLMAN, MORAVIA, IA, USA: Hi Uwe, Fantastic work! I received your package yesterday afternoon. You did a great and very professional job for us. Speaking for myself, I want to extend my thanks for all the work and fine results. You promised and you delivered on the promises beyond my expectations. JOHN GALVIN, NY, USA: Uwe, Thanks very much. You have done an impressive amount of work, and I appreciate it very much. My family will be very excited. I'm sure I will have many questions but at the moment I am still processing this information. DAVID KUNKEL, HAUPPAUGE, NY, USA: Hi Uwe! Just thought I would let you know that I received the Family Research today! Wow! Uwe, what a terrific job you did assisting me in filling in all the missing data that I was looking for! You are just fantastic and a blessing! I am extremely impressed with you research! This will go to helping me fill in some of the gaps! You provided everything I asked for in a timely, organized, and detailed report, with photographs of proof sources and data. Very professional! CHARLES L. NICKELS, NOVI, MI, USA: Hello Uwe, Thanks very much for the family research. I am very impressed. I just now downloaded your cover letter and read it with obvious interest and excitement. I look forward to receiving the package. I'll get back to you after I've read over the material and considered next steps. Thanks again for all you've done. DORIS JACKSON, CORAOPOLIS, PA, USA: I'm just delighted with all you have found of the Hetzner family, and particularly that what you have found coincides with what I have discovered here in the U.S. It definitely will help me connect more of the family here as I did not know about any of Paul's uncles or aunts. I loved the way you presented the information in very concise format. Again, many, many thanks for all your hard work. EARL BRUNNER, LAS VEGAS, NV, USA: Uwe did some research on my family and will shortly be given another assignment. I received very professional reports. First on the e-mail then in the snail mail. One time the church didn't have a copy machine and he took photographs of the records and sent me the film. He has helped me get my family to where I can find films in the FHC and do my own research. His report include a pedigree charts, a written report on each family, a map showing where people live in Germany today with that surname, and photocopy back up of the research. With his information I have been able to go back six or seven generations. I asked him to spell everything out up front which he did. You need to realize that even the best researchers come up at a time with nothing. This line he worked for me I have researched for over forty years. My son even went to the church in Germany and photocopied the years I was interested in and we found nothing. I like his work. ELIZABETH HOOPER, HAWLEY, PA, USA: Uwe - I received your report and CD today. I am just thrilled with your findings. You may use my name as a reference if you would like. After I get my notes together from the maternal side of my grandmother's family I will contact you again for more research. Thank you again, so much. FRANK KASTEN, LOUISVILLE, KY, USA: Dear Uwe, Once again I want to thank you very much. Your work was excellent, professionally presented, and has exceeded my expectations. MARILYN GRICE, NEW PALTZ, NY, USA: As I entered all the new information you have provided me into my computer database, I came to fully realize the thoroughness and professionalism of your research. I am thrilled to have added more generations to my Kühn and Weingärtner families and it is wonderful to have copies and translations of so many original documents with all the sources cited. I'm very happy and satisfied with the results! BETSY DALLIES, COSTA RICA: Dear Mr. Porten: I am more than delighted and thrilled with your findings. I have not finish my reading yet, as it has to be done with care and concentration, but I just went over it fast and yes, I am in complete admiration of my good luck. Let me discuss with my husband what else should I tackle next to let you know and you can be sure that I appreciate your professionalism and we will certainly do a little more in the future. LORI DOERR, HOUSTON, TX, USA: I want to let you know that I also received your package. Thank you so very much. GARY DUFEL, DANBURY, CT, USA: Uwe: Between the work you have accomplished for me with the ... family and the ... family, I have a very good understanding of my heritage and some of the background of the individuals. I could not have come close to accomplishing this without your help, even if I spent many years. HELEN GENTRY, YAKIMA, WA, USA: Hi Uwe, Thank you so much for your efforts researching my family. ROBERT CLARK NAIL, GORE, VA, USA: I just received my package! It is everything I could have asked for. It is very professional and thorough. The pedigree charts, descendant report, maps, family group records, and the church records on the CD- Rom are all wonderful. I will start adding the information to my genealogy program. Please feel free to use me as a reference on your web site. FREDERICK A. WEBEL, NORFOLK, MA, USA: Dear Uwe, I must report to you that your research work very safely arrived at the Hotel in Nebra and was there when I arrived. Very well done and very much appreciated. We had a wonderful visit with my cousin and his family. JANET NOLL, RALEIGH, NC, USA: I received the package. Wow! Very nice presentation and you found lots of info!! thank you! my family will be excited to receive the information. CARL CLAUSS, KYLE, TX, USA: Hello Uwe, We recieved the research and I was very happy with the results. The name Hirtzel had come up before in family research but neither my brother or I had any idea how it fit in. It turns out that George Clauss worked with him in the locksmiths trade. The other information was extremely helpful in ruling out certain leads but establishing others for me to follow up on. After all these years of searching this info has provided the connections we never thought would be made. JERRY AUSTIN, ST. PAUL, MN, USA: Uwe, I received your mailing yesterday. Thank you so very much. I have been able to add 17 relatives to my direct descendent family tree chart!! This is great! JOHN T. BROWN, BELLVILLE, TX, USA: I am pleased with your work and you can certainly use me as a reference if you want. ROLAND R. RUTTER, IRVINE, CA, USA: Dear Uwe, I once again would like to express my appreciation for your help in the pursuit of my German family ancestors. Without your help, I could not have accumulated as much data as I have. PATRICIA AMY HIGGINS, PARK RIDGE, IL, USA: Your packet arrived this afternoon, and I've been paging through it, marveling at the contents. I am so very pleased by the results and by your most professional presentation of the documents and translations, charts, and references. You have done a magnificent job finding and organizing an immense amount of material. Thank you! I will spend many hours now absorbing the details of your report and sharing it with my family members. LEONARD ESCHLE, NEWBURN, UK: Having just returned from work, I am pleased to report that your most excellently detailed research has arrived. I have not had chance to look at it in detail, but at first glance it is wonderful. I must congratulate you on the amount of work you have put into tracing my German ancestors. I should have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in search of their German forebears. My family will be thrilled to see their history come so vividly to life. Very many thanks.
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