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MICHAEL BLECHSCHMIDT, DAMASCUS, MD, USA: Uwe, I would like to thank you again for your hard work and persistence in gathering the information on my family. I could not be more pleased!!! Please feel free to include me with your satisified customers!! I would be happy to provide a testimonial on your behalf!! I would like to know if you could follow up with an in depth research on the following:... LUIZ SCHERNER, CURITIBIA, BRAZIL: Dear Uwe, I recieved your report last friday. I was very exited when going thru the material, and got very happy to learn more about my ancesters. You have done a nice job. KATE PRUENTE, SONORA, CA, USA: Lieber Uwe! Wonderful information - and what a surprise about M.A.. I read through the information 2 or 3 times, then when I entered it in my computer, it really began to mean something. How about that lady with the 16 children? Thank you very much again - If any of my German group ends up with relatives in Rhine area, I'll be sure to recommend you. ROBERT JONES, SIMI VALLEY, CA, USA: Hello Uwe, I wanted to thank you once again for the excellent research you provided me. I am generally very reluctant to enter into any type of "service" agreement, especially one that hasn't been personally referred. Your results exceeded expectations. MARY M. ANTRIM, SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA: Hi Uwe, You are truly a professional of the highest order - I can't really adequately describe my feelings as I received it - but that was nothing compared to the overwhelming feelings I had as I began to go through the records and report - The job you did was absolutely amazing, incredible, thorough, accurate etc. etc. etc. To put it mildly I am absolutely thrilled as I know other members of my family who are also on that tree will be. I cannot thank you enough MICHAEL K. HUBER, YALE, MI, USA: Thanks for the info. We are having a Huber reunion in Belmore Ontario Canada this coming Saturday so this will be very welcome information. I'm very excited with what you have given me so far. Thanks again. NANCY GRIFFITH, CLINTON, SC, USA: Uwe, Received the materials yesterday - they were VERY helpful. PATRICIA REILLY, OAK FOREST, IL, USA: Dear Uwe, I recieved the packet about my family history today. I just can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. I am a hard working registered nurse. I just don't have the time to spend searching the on-line records available. Many people told me that I was CRAZY to send money overseas looking for records. I can see that you are an honest hard working researcher, I am truly grateful for the time you spent for me. I know many people that are worried about about working with a stranger overseas doing research. I will let everyone I know..that you are worth the money, trustworthy, and dedicated to your work. Again, thank you sooooo much for the wonderful job. PATTY FLYNN ERICKSON, WENATCHEE, WA, USA: Thank you so much. I am impressed with the work you have done. STEVEN G. SCHWEYEN, SEATTLE, WA, USA: Dear Uwe, The packet of research material for Schweyen family arrived in good order yesterday. I was very happy to obtain the very important research material that you found during your search for our family history in Germany. This material is very interesting and has greatly added to the knowledge of our family history. PHYLLIS E. JACOBY, OREFIELD, PA, USA: Package received. Thanks so very much. Pictures are really great. Thanks again. ROBERT GLAZER, MAYFIELD HTS, OH, USA: I am pleased and excited with your research results. I would gladly recommend your work and thoroughness. ROBERT J. ZEIS, VILLA HILLS, KY, USA: Hello Uwe, I received your package yesterday and I am still overwhelmed with your results. You can include me as another one of your satisfied customers. Your report was very thorough and professional and was more than I expected. Please feel free to use my name as reference for any of your future clients. STEFAN M. JONASSON, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA: I can scarcely find the words to express my gratitude for your excellent work! It far exceeds what I imagined could be accomplished, based on the limited information I was able to supply as a starting point. You made the breakthrough I had long dreamed of making and, as a consequence, my family will now have a far deeper understanding of its Hessian origins. Your report is remarkably thorough and very well documented. CAROLYN UEHLIN GREINER, EAGLE RIVER, AK, USA: Dear Uwe, The family reunion was a success, thanks to the new information you gathered about the family in Germany. Thank you again for the fine work you were able to do for my family research. TIM RASMUSSEN, GLENDALE, CA, USA: I received your package today (Tuesday). It looks incredible. It will take me a while to absorb it all. Thank you so much for your help. I will probably contact you again in a few weeks when I decide what to go for next. STEVEN MAUSERT, LYNN HAVEN, FL, USA: I love the results of your research.
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